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Greeting poles, Cape Mudge Village

In operation since 2011, Quadra Bike School (QBS) offers professional level bicycle mechanic training in small groups.  Located on scenic Quadra Island on the east side of Vancouver Island, next to Campbell River, QBS is run by Jerzy Smokey Dymny, a bicycle mechanic instructor with over 20 years of experience.

Quadra Bike School trains students to meet the demands and challenges of working bike shops.  The five weeks students spend at the facility allows them to immerse themselves in the history, theory and practical study of real world bicycle mechanics.

Prices have recently risen because of increased costs. See following pages.

A new video about the Quadra Bike School from graduate Tyler Bourcier.

and FREE!  Register your bicycle against theft:  https://project529.com/garage/  

... 2021 & 2022 Course Dates, how to contact Smokey and apply
... about Quadra Bike School
... the Barnett's Manual and course of study
... the on-site residence for students
... life on Quadra Island
... what students and graduates are saying about QBS
... Frequently Asked Questions about QBS
... http://j3f66o.tw/p/articles.html  read about some of the latest developments in bicycles and bicycle tool technology.
... directions to QBS

A video of the experience one class had at QBS:                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVhAGsyFQQU 

I also sell the Copenhagen Wheel. This electric wheel was developed by MIT, the
Massachusetts Institute of  Technology https://www.superpedestrian.com/en/tech

This is the most advanced electric boost wheel. It is controlled by your smart phone. You can turn your phone off once you've entered your password and set your desired level of boost. There are no exposed wires to get wet. Batteries are also inside the waterproof hub. This is the only electric wheel available in a 1-speed wheel or with a 7 to10-speed cassette as well as either 26" or 700c wheels. You can swap back to your non-motorized wheel in 5 minutes for an exercise-friendly ride or race. There are no disc brake models. If you need a disc brake it can be mounted on your front wheel for best stopping.

Here's link to a video of the Bike School and the Animal Farm trail by my son Josh.

Contact Quadra Bike School

For more information email jsmokeydymny@gmail.com.
To apply to Quadra Bike School, click here
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